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Saga of the Exiles - episode 1

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Saga of the Exiles – Flight to the Sea


In the chronicles of the kings of Ophir, no jewel shines as bright or as lustrous as that of King Xavier, who rid the land of the Settite scourge and brought the greatest peace and properity to the people of Ophir. Mitra's belssings be upon him and the adulation of the people be his.


But the crown did not come easy to Xavier. He had to seek fortune in foreign lands before returning to Ophir to claim the trhone that was rightfully his. His days of adventure are recounted in the Saga of the Exiles.


–– The Saga of the Exiles


*cue dramatic drum music from Mike's CD*




Prince Xavier rode from Ianthe and into exile marked for death by King Zarothura. He rode to safetly in the port city of Messantia, city of splendour, in the kingdom of Argos. With him rode his half-brother Arlos, Baron of Fascumi, the black sheep of the family, more at home on horseback than in the courts of Ianthe; Ultimus Primus, soldier of Aquilonia, Prince Xavier's loyal confidante and a paragon of a man; Dagog, a sullen outlander from Cimmeria, carrying with him a smoldering anger he was unable to articulate; Husam-al'Karim, plainsman of Shem and bowman without peer; and Nesh-ar'ebra, a shaman or sorcerer or mystic of Pelishtia, whose background was as mysterious as his cryptic utterings. They rode hard to Argos with Stygian horsemen fast at the heels.

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It was Queen Olivia who revealed to the prince that the knives were out for him. She came to Xavier in his chambers with her handmaiden to give hime the news, while he and the handmaiden bashfully avoided each other's gaze so as not to reveal their previous acquaintance. The queen could not tell Xavier why the king's wrath was turned on him, only that he had to flee.


No doubt it was at the urging of the king's new advisor Tuten-Ahep. The Stygian had returned with the king after a visit to the southern kingdom. Shortly after his arrival, the capital experienced several unexplained disappearances. Just as troublesome, Tuten-Ahep oversaw the destruction of the temple of Mitra and the erection of a dark citadel in its place.




As the exiles rode east, they noticed that they were being shadowed by a crow. It was clearly following them, just out of bow range.


At the border, the exiles turned on their Stygian pursuers. While Xavier charged them down, the others peppered them with arrows. However, once the Stygians were dealt with, they could see that 20 more were riding hard towards them. There was nothing to do but ride on, out of the kingdom.




Arriving in Messantia, Xavier headed for the house of Cadmis, a merchant prince greatly favoured by the prince of Ophir. But arriving at the merchant's house, the adventurers were directed to a nearby inn by Cadmis, hiding his identity in a disguise. At the inn, Cadmis had a feast waiting. While they ate, Cadmis explained that they weren't safe in Messantia, and neither would he be if it was known that he was consorting with them. He also explained that the crow marked them as enemies of Set. Cadmis was willing to help them, but in return, Xavier would have to vow to sponsor Cadmis' god Asura when he became king. Further conversation became impossible however, as the snores of Dargog, who had fallen asleep in his meal, filled the inn.


In an effort to get rid of the crow, Cadmis called for a falcon and falconer. However, when the falcon was sent after the crow, it fled in terror.


Measuring up the situation, Cadmis suggested that the exiles should leave Messantia by sea.

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