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Stormbringer episode 18

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Having killed the remaining guards, the band tackled the problem of releaseing the Talitar from it's spherical cell. Perhaps rashly, a medal stand was thrown at the globe. The result was to prove fatal for Cormac, who had only recently joined the ranks of the party. Engulfed by a demon gas, his sword and shield offered no defense against it's poison. Several others also struggled with the dangerous cloud, but were able to recover fully after an intense bout of nausea and vomiting.


As the mist elemental vanished, the shape of the creature trapped within took solid form to show a tall, child like creature who's skin was decorated with moving tattoos. It was obvious this was the being they had been sent to rescue, and, really there was nothing stopping them from making their way descretly back to the sky ship. But this was a palace, and guards and a feared wizardess had presented no challenge to the champions. There was a magical study not more than 10 yards away, with books and charts and potions laying patiently to be pilfered. Ashtrofeld was especially interested in the books, for it was roumored that the mistress of this palace had the power to summon demons, and the posibility existed that a nearby library could contain dark and ancient secrets.


It was he who first entered the chamber and collected the phials of green liquid, and boxes of smokey spheres. Wheteher he brought the demons to life we will never know. But from a dark and oily pool came a creature of pure shadow and chaos. A dark and formless shape it spoke a warning "The Masters of Chaos will curse you for your tresspass, you will know the degree of their anger by the suffering that awaits you." and with that, 6 creatures of stiched skin appeard from the dark corners of the chamber and raising their great and dark swords struck at the champions. The dungeon raiders faught skillfully but their hopes were dashed when upon wounding one of the creatures, fire exploded from the wound, spraying a liquid flame and causing great pain and injury to the champion. Several of the party were surrounded with no chance of escape, fire and steel inflicting more damage against them, and an acrid but sweet smelling smoke began to fill the room. Serge reached into his pouch and withdrew the glass sphere that Polidimia had gifted him 'for you enemies' it was labeled. Without hesitation, he smashed it on the ground and was immediatley thrown back by a small explosion, and briefly blinded by the firey being that was bowed before him. "What is your command?" it said in a slow but immensly powerful voice. "Kill our enemies" was Serge's answer. The fire creature moved quickly from demon to demon destroying them in pairs, leaving only burning and smoldering flesh. With seconds, only the dark shadow with sinister red eyes remained. We do not know why it did not choose to fight (perhaps it was only an observer?) but it sank back into the oily pool it came from. The fire elemental dived into the pool after it, leaving behind only a few smokey bubbles in the liquid. The party waited for a moment, but were destracted by the sound of wimpering prisoners in previously unnoticed cells.


Wretched and poor creatres, they were human oncee, but had been the subjects of crewl and unholy magical study. Unable to fathom the suffering these people had experienced, and unwilling to kill them, they were left, locked in their cells to await their fate.


Having only just survived the dangers of the labatoratory, they decided it was time to leave the royal compound, and return to the sky ship.


As they sneaked through the royal gardens they looked back to the palace and saw it's two upper levels. What else could have they found? The library was in the dungon. Surely the treasures would have been in the upper chambers?


Their thoughts were interuppted by a shout from from a guard as a bolt shot clear through a shield, but thankfully, did no damage to it bearer.


Making their way to the escape point, they were lucky to have entered the saftey of the sewers unharmed.


Moving swiftly and under the cover of darkness they retured to the sky ship and cast off just as a patrol sent to intercept them arrived. Unable to do little more than unloose a volley of missile fire, the ship suffered only superficial damage as it lifted.


The Band had made their escape.

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