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Warhammer - episode 11

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Mika paid a visit to the Temple of Arianka and attempted to persuade the abbot that a dark danger lurked in the hearts of the town’s leaders.  The abbot did not appear particularly fussed, and suggested that Mika speak to the magistrate. 



Meanwhile, at the docks Gabby made his way to Josef’s boat.  And underground Ploncie, Snorr and Helmut took turns looking for an exit from the sewers and caring for the unconscious Harry.



Gabby found Josef in a jittery mood, but curried favour with the boatman by bad-mouthing Ploncie and Snorr.  While aboard the boat, he noticed members of the watch closing the river gate – something Josef said only happens at times of extreme danger.



Mika was sent to the magistrate’s house with an escort.  Out of the corner of her eye she noticed an angry face glaring at her from the full moon.  She also observed the arrival of imperial troops and heard a herald announcing that a curfew was in place.



Mika found the magistrate in bed delirious with illness.  He claimed that the moon was calling him and that soon he would die.  Under questioning he confirmed that Tergen was the head of the cult and suggested that, if well, he might have been able to stop the evil cultist.  The magistrate claimed that force of arms was the only answer, and revealed that the head of the watch might not be quite as involved in the plot as the adventurers believed.



Mika set off to find the captain, but was stopped by watchmen who threatened her with arrest for breaching the curfew.  She persuaded them to let her pass by telling the watchmen that she had seen the fugitive dwarves and providing them with their location.  They took her at once to the captain, who immediately ordered her arrest as a co-conspirator.



After a short period in custody, the captain returned to see Mika and take a statement from her.  She told him that that she and the dwarves had arrived in Bogenhafen on a river boat.  After making her statement, the captain ordered that Mika be taken to another cell.  During the transfer she attacked her jailer and escaped over the prison wall. 



Hoping to make her way to the docks unobserved, Mika clambered into the sewers.   She soon stumbled upon the body of a dead dwarf.  She dragged this from the water and searched it unsuccessfully for a weapon.  She then swiftly made her way to the docks, where she escaped the sewers by swimming through an outlet pipe into the river. 



Some time later both Snorr and Helmut came upon the same exit and made their own way to the surface.  They made their way to Josef’s boat where Mika had been reunited with Gabby.  All four then returned to the sewers and met up with Ploncie and Harry. 



It was assumed that Tergen and his fellow cultists would be at the Councillor’s house.  A plan was therefore hatched to assault this building.  Snorr and Mika snuck around the back with the aim of silently breaking in and opening the front door for the others.  Unfortunately this plan was stymied by a pack of barking guard dogs.  Snorr and Mika quickly found themselves under attack from the dogs and their handlers. 



Ploncie, Helmut and Gabby heard the sounds of combat and tried to bluff their way through the front gate.  They claimed to be city guards investigating the disturbance, but the gatekeeper did not believe them and rang an alarm bell.  Ploncie and Gabby fled, while Helmut ran around the back of the house to try and help Snorr and Mika.  He clambered over the wall just as Snorr and Mika managed to finish off the last of their attackers. 



Mika instructed Snorr and Helmut to “break in to the house and kill everyone”.  The three then captured a servant and, when that servant proved to know little about his master’s whereabouts, ruthlessly killed him. 



Elsewhere in the city, Ploncie took refuge in the warehouse district while Gabby hid himself in some barrels at the docks.  The dwarf, realising that he was not pursued, decided to create enough chaos to make escape from the city possible.  He spent some time breaking up barrels and collecting pieces of loose wood and piled these up against a wooden grain warehouse.  Once a large enough bonfire had been erected, Ploncie poured lantern oil over the pile and set it alight.  He waited until the blaze was well established before scurrying off to make ready his escape.



Having finally established that there were no cultists in the charnel house which was now Tergen’s home, Mika and Helmut set off for the Council offices – on the assumption that the cultists might be there.  Meanwhile Snorr set off for the warehouse district to follow his own hunch.



Mika produced another rope (her fourth of the evening) and this was used to climb into the Council chambers.  These too proved to be empty of cultists.  Mika and Helmut were despondent.



Meanwhile, Snorr, stumbling around the warehouse district, snuck past the blazing warehouse (and an oblivious Ploncie) and came across five carriages parked on the street.  He noticed that near the carriages was a warehouse with the symbol of the Tergen household.  Snorr observed some thuggish guards on the ground floor of this building, so climbed through a second floor window to find out what they were guarding.  Inside he saw a bound and naked woman in the centre of a pentagram and surrounded by seven heavily robed figures…



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