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Warhammer - episode 4

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It was with great relief that the brave adventurers left Nuln. The city had not been kind to them, and desire of its den of Chaos creatures to kill our brave companions appeared undiminished. 
The travellers planned to make for Altdorf, in pursuit of a contract for adventurers. This choice in destination was not unanimous. Ploncie and Snorr took little pleasure in chasing a contract that specified “dwarves need not apply”, however the desire to leave Nuln outweighed such concerns.
While upon the river boat travelling to Altdorf, our companions came upon a scene of devastation. A stage coach had been attacked by beastmen, and these foul creatures remained at the scene feasting upon the corpses of the fallen. The adventurers leapt into the fray and fought the beasts off, killing many of them. 
While burying the dead after the battle Ploncie came upon the partially consumed remains of a human who was the spitting image of his companion Helmut. This human carried a letter advising him that he, one Kastor, was the sole inheritor of a barony in Bogenhafen. He also carried a docket confirming his identity and signed by senior members of the church and state.
A party meeting was hastily convened. Without much delay it was agreed that the adventurers should make for Bogenhafen, with Helmut claiming the barony in the place of his look-a-like – Kastor. As the discussion ended, the sound of approaching hooves could be heard. Kastor’s body was quickly weighted with stones and cast into the river, and the party took up defensive positions.
The approaching riders were Roadwardens, and they looked upon the scene of violence with dismay. After some discussion, the adventurers resolved to leave their riverboat and to travel on by means of the recently ransacked coach. One of the wardens, Harry, agreed to accompany them. At the next staging post, the coach was returned to the stage company (“Four Seasons”) and a grateful representative agreed to provide free travel the rest of the way to Altdorf for the companions.
Harry, overhearing discussion of the inheritance, decided to abandon his career patrolling the roads of the Empire and to instead joined our heroes in their mission to deprive a dead boy of his rightful inheritance. 
On arrival in Altdorf our companions coach was beset by pickpockets and thieves. A scuffle broke out as a group of small boys were seen trying to flee with Ploncie’s breastplate. One of the boys was struck down and the armour recovered, but there was some unpleasantness with the local constabulary before the heroes could install themselves in “Angelo’s” inn and alehouse.
Mika, Helmut (who now insisted on being called “Kastor”) and Gabby went to the Crown Prince’s palace to pursue the contract which had been their original reason for travelling to Altdorf. They found that the contract had already been filled and that the Prince had left the city.
While his companions forlornly chased the Crown Prince’s gold, Ploncie found himself cheated at cards by a foppish Brettonian swordsman named Phillipe. Ploncie had observed Phillipe playing cards with the doomed stage coach crew before they left Nuln, and the dwarf wondered if Phillipe was somehow involved in their ambush.
After losing a few gold pieces to the Breton, Ploncie took Harry and Helmut with him to a local tavern for a few pints of cheap ale. Here they met an old friend of Ploncie’s named Joseph. It transpired that Joseph owned a river barge and that he was shortly to travel to Bogenhafen. Passage for the companions was quickly arranged, but not before the revellers had to escape from a nasty bar-room brawl.
On the return to Joseph’s boat after the evening out, the companions were accosted by two fellows who had earlier been spotted making strange hand gestures to “Kastor” (aka Helmut). In the dark of the night the intentions of these fellows appeared to have turned sinister, for they began to draw weapons. Before the companions could react both figures were struck dead by bolts fired by a crossbowman on a rooftop. Harry had time to see this assassin was a short, stocky man before he disappeared across the rooftops. Examination of the corpses showed that each had a tattoo of a purple hand upon their breast.


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