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Warhammer - episode 6

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The adventurers had accepted a contract from a mining company to clear out an abandoned mine-shaft.  Having signed the contract, they set off at once to complete their task.



A short time later the adventurers returned to town to ask a local for directions to the mine.  The adventurers were fortunate because the man they asked directions of appeared a capable – and sharp – young fellow.  This chap, Matabuchus, quickly discerned the purpose of the mission and offered directions in exchange for chance to share in the adventure and the booty.



Matabuchus led the party along a path which headed into the mountains.  They found that for much of its length this path was overgrown, and in places it disappeared altogether.  A number of wooden bridges were in place across streams, and these were often in a state of disrepair. 



One bridge looked so treacherous that the adventurers secured a rope and crossed while gripping this tightly.  Most of the party reached the other side safely enough, but Ploncie lost his grip on the rope and fell through a rotted plank.  He plunged into the water beneath and began splashing around and screaming that he was drowning.  The fact that the water was only waist deep eluded his notice.  Snorr waded in and rescued his companion, who spent some time coughing and spluttering on the bank before agreeing to proceed.



The path led into craggier terrain and Mika was sent to reconnoitre ahead of the party.  Although he was some distance behind the scout, Ploncie was the first to hear the sounds of an ambush.  He threw stones at Mika to alert her and then motioned for the others to take cover.  As Mika stood wondering why Ploncie had thrown a stone at her, two arrows whistled past her ear.  She drew her bow and dived for cover while Ploncie calculated the approximate location of the archers and charged in that direction.  Gabby and the partially covered Mika then began returning fire, while Matabuchus joined the charge and Snorr tried to outflank the archers by moving through the woods.



The archers did not relish the thought of hand-to-hand combat and attempted to flee.  One was felled by an arrow from Mika, while the second was slain by Dwarven axes.  Ploncie identified the archers as the offspring of unnatural intercourse between orcs and humans – and took their ears as evidence for the mining company.



Beyond the orcish bodies signs of a mine and recent excavation could be seen.  The sounds of digging could be heard coming from the mine itself.  The adventurers prepared to enter, and then realised that no-one had thought to bring a light-source.  After a short period of reproach and recrimination the two night vision capable dwarves were sent in alone.



Ploncie and Snorr discovered that some distance into the mineshaft light could be seen flickering off the walls.  They returned and collected their companions and then Mika was sent to sneak up on the miners who could be heard hard at work ahead.



Mika observed three, ragged human miners using poor tools to dig into the sides of the shaft.  She returned and told her companions what she had seen.  It was agreed that trying to sneak up on the miners with two heavily armoured dwarves would be impossible, so the decision was made to charge up the shaft as quickly as possible.  At the first sounds of clanking armour, all sounds of mining stopped and the echo of running feet drifted down the shaft.



As the party came into the lit area of the mine they came to a halt.  There was no sign of the miners, but it was agreed that they could not have fled far.  Ploncie called out to them, and after initially claiming that he was merely trying to deliver good news about a lottery result, told the miners the real reason why the party was there.  Ploncie revealed that the party had a contract to “clear out” the mine, but that the miners would not be harmed if they simply packed up and left.  After some further negotiation the miners were persuaded to come forward.  They packed up their possessions and left quietly – but not before they had to endure a short outlaw gang recruitment spiel from the party.



Night was coming on and the adventurers decided to set up camp for the night.  After realising that they had not bought any food or equipment, the party was forced to sleep on the stone floor of the mine with only a thin watercress soup for their dinner. 



At first light the adventurers headed back to town and, as a matter of priority, made straight for the nearest inn and ate an extremely hearty breakfast.  Over plates of steaming stew they agreed that next time they are sent on an overnight mission to a mineshaft they should a) get some directions to the mine, b) take a light source and c) take some food.



After dining they reported to the delighted mining administrator who gave the adventurers a bonus on top of their agreed payment.



The party left town soon after accepting the mining company’s reward, rejoining Joseph on his boat to Bogenhafen. 



After four days on the river the adventurers arrived in Bogenhafen.  Deciding to stretch their legs they immediately headed to the local fair.  Snorr became distracted by the very first stall they came across – a cattleyard – and was rather surprised to find himself bidding on a flock of sheep.  He spent the rest of the day shepherding 16 young ewes back to Joseph’s boat and trying to lock them below decks.  That task finally complete he inexpertly slaughtered one of his new purchases and attempted to turn it into dinner.



While Snorr tended his sheep, his companions carried on into the fair proper.  Mika enrolled a somewhat unwilling Ploncie into a wrestling match with a wrestler named “Crusher”.  Ploncie, who had not been informed that the match was anything other than a free-for-all, opened the fight with a punch to the face.  “Crusher” took this somewhat badly and leapt on the dwarf, dislocating his shoulder and knocking him unconscious. 



Once the dwarf had been revived the party continued onwards.  They came across a freak-show, which somewhat alarmed them as the creatures on display appeared to be of a somewhat evil nature.  When one of these creatures – a three legged goblin – got loose, Ploncie did not hesitate to assist in its recapture and get in a few gratuitous stabs at the same time.  The party later observed the goblin escaping for a second time and this time it disappeared into the sewers.



Matabuchus spent some time watching a drunken dwarf in stocks being abused.  He then paid to have the wretched figure freed, only for the ungrateful and smelly dwarf to follow the bawd around and try to steal his purse.  Matabuchus responded to this in a time-honoured fashion by starting a fight and then fleeing before the law could arrive.



At another part of the fair Gabby heard a herald announce that the freakshow was offering 50GC for anyone who recaptured the three-legged goblin.  The Halfling immediately negotiated some free accommodation at the best inn at town on top of the base fee and then volunteered his companions for the task.

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