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Space 1889: Descartes Club

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The Club

An affiliated chapter of The British Association for the Advancement of Science devoted to the highest studies into modern philosophy.


The Club is headed by Professor George Croom Robertson and membership is by invitation by Prof Robertson. The Club's purpose is to bring together the greatest thinkers in Britain.


The Club is a front however (as a quick look at the membership list will reveal). In fact, it serves as a way to bring together the greatest adventurers in Britain. It's true purpose is to gather (and hence preserve) the world's artefacts, wonders and knowledge. (It also makes use of the member's singular abilities to right wrongs.)


The club consists of two tiers, informally. The outer tier are the adventurers, who travel the world tracking down its wonders. The outer tier includes the PCs and about half a dozen other adventurers. The members of the inner tier are responsible for sending the adventurers out on missions.



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Sergei Dyadenko - Russian frontiersman

Dr Livingston McDougall McDouglas McDonald - MD

Morton Sumers Davey - chemist

Henry D Baxter - explorer

William Even Morgan - one-armed mechanic

Lord Percy James Willingham dePew - heir to the fortune of the Mars Mining Company

Shamus O'Haven – steam boat captain


Professor George Croom Robertson - Grote Chair of the Philosophy of Mind and Logic, University College London

Augustus Henry Lane Fox Pitt Rivers - ethnologist and archaeologist

Theophilus Carter- inventor

Chief Superintendent Reginald Fox - Scotland Yard

Abigail Walker - Lord Percy's maidservant, Dr McDonald's betrothed

Elizabeth Cochrane - journalist, News of the World

Feroz Saberi - contact in Cairo

Andros Akretis - curio shop owner in Heraklion

Gloria Munroe - archaeologist, daughter of Professor Harrison Munroe

Professor Harrison Munroe – archaeologist


Sjaak Theodore - villainous Belgian submariner and inventor. Last seen heading back towards the Nile in possession of the Eye of Sobek.

Dr Robert Henry Lowe - villainous chemist and pacifist. Last seen jumping from his airship over the Thames.

Claudia Knight - statuesque American aide to Dr Lowe. Last seen jumping from Dr Lowe's airship over the Houses of Parliament.

Stefan Andropolous - villainous Cretan criminal

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